“The greatest wealth is health” VILGIL

Our job is to help you understand the known underlying factors affecting your health. Once that is known, we can begin assisting you in the needed changes and therapies that can help you regain control, rather than rely on chemical methods, which may indeed relieve symptoms, but have limitations, and often -danger.

Believing that you are what you eat, we concentrate on a balanced diet with no calorie restriction but “food” as in what you are eating according to your blood type, and what you might NOT be eating to reach optimal health. We stress the concepts of eating natural or organic food for better results.

After assessing your toxin burden by history or lab tests (such as evaluation for toxic metal burden), we help you design a program to detoxify. Methods here could include, but not be limited to: Chelation (for heavy metals), Colonics, Enemas, Nutrition, Sauna/sweat therapy, Oxygen therapies. Reflexology, Spa, Fitness, Herbs, Supplements and Mind-Body Therapy.


DISCLAIMER: The articles on this website are provided for information purposes only. Do not attempt to self-diagnose.Always consult a medically qualified health practitioner if you are feeling unwell. Do not undertake any form of self-treatment for any illnesses. No responsibility is taken for any inaccurate information published on or linked to this site.Due to local legislation, not all treatments are available in all countries.